A Low-Calorie Beer That Knocks Your Socks Off

12-pack of Oskar Blues One-Y

Oskar Blues offers a low-calorie beer in their portfolio.

The Best Winter Beers for 2019

A list of beer styles that compliment the winter season.

How Many Calories are in Beer?

Can of Allagash River Trip

When asked how many calories beer contains, there isn't a simple answer. Depending on the beer, you'll find as few as 85 calories or as many as 300 calories. So how can you tell the difference?

The simplest way to get a feel for how many calories you’ll find in a particular beer: how big is the pour size, and what is the beer’s ABV (alcohol by volume).

Flying Embers Featured in Fortune

Cans of Flying Embers

In Fortune.com's September Article "Is Spiked Kombucha the New Hard Seltzer?", we were super excited to see that the article featured Flying Embers, a hard kombucha brand we recently started distributing here at Craft of Boston earlier in the Summer. Take a look to see what the article talked about!

Wild Basin Lime Preferred Over Other Hard Seltzers

wild basin lime can

It's known that hard seltzers have been a huge hit this year...it's all over social media! It's so popular, in fact, that other craft brewers have started making their own seltzers. There are so many brands to choose from, so how do you decide which one to pick up on your next run to the store? 

Pumpkin Beer & Ciders to Spice Up the Fall

Rogue beer in pumpkin patch

The thought of summer coming to an end may seem like a huge buzzkill, but the dwindling days of sessionable summer brews is also a sign that the frenzy of a certain fall flavor will soon commence. The glorious season of hop harvests, fall festivals, and pumpkin-galore is creeping up quickly, so put down your citrusy IPAs and summer pale ales and get ready for the season of all-pumpkin-everything!

Yuengling Announces New Packaging for Iconic Seasonal Beer: Oktoberfest

Yuengling Logo with Bottle




America’s Oldest Brewery is continuing to celebrate its milestone 190th Anniversary with the debut of brand new design and packaging for their beloved Oktoberfest.  Yuengling’s highly coveted Oktoberfest is back, but with a brand new look, and still reflects the brand’s rich German heritage and brewing expertise. This fan favorite sold out last year before Halloween, so fans are encouraged to act quickly before it sells out this year.  

Craft Brewers Guild: More Than Beer

More Than Beer

As it is consistent with our company’s vision and mission statement, we are proud to not only distribute the finest beers in the world, but also some of the finest beer alternatives. From Saranac Soda and Saratoga Water, to Archer Roose and 123 Tequila, to Pura Still, Wild Basin, HRD WTR and Nauti Seltzer. Our portfolio is diverse enough with great products, so whether its water, soda, imported spirits, canned wine, or alcoholic still or sparkling water; we’ve got you covered.

Craft Brewers Guild Welcomes Hopsters to our Portfolio!

Hopsters Cans

Craft Brewers Guild to proud to distribute Hopsters! They've been brewing (and helping consumers brew) some great beer in Newton and Boston and we're helping them to bring the beer to you! We have started distributing their 2 New England IPA's; Newtonian and Comet Citra. Keep an eye out for these 2 juicy hop bombs at retailers near you, and keep an eye out for more great beers from Hopsters in the future.

Allagash White in Cans

Allagash White Cans

The time has finally come! Allagash's beloved Belgian-style wheat beer is finally available in 16 ounce cans! Allagash White is now available in 4-Pack's and is still the classic beer in cans as back when it was first brewed in 1995. The format change allows for better travel abilities to bring Allagash White along for all your adventures. Keep an eye out for cans hitting shelves soon! Join us February 26th at Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant in South Boston to celebrate the release of these cans, as well as Allagash's new beer, River Trip, also available in 4-Pack 16 ounce cans!