Covid-19 Update - Delivery of Mail & Cash Payments



From: Craft Brewers Guild           

RE: Delivery of Mail & Cash Payments


Dear Valued Customer,

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, it is having a significant impact on all of our day to day business operations.  Craft Brewers Guild continues to be committed to servicing the marketplace and as always, we are focused on providing the best possible service to our customers. Because of these uncertain times we are forced to make additional changes to our operating procedures that we want to communicate.

New Practices:

  1. Delivery of Mail from the Post Office

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the Everett Post Office can only guarantee delivery of mail to our Everett Office on M-W-F. Therefore we cannot guarantee that mailed in checks will be paid on time. We recommend that you utilize our RETAILER PORTAL for on-line payment to guarantee your payment is made on time. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

  1. Cash Payments

Until further notice, Craft Brewers Guild will not accept CASH for payment of invoices with deliveries We will only be accepting checks or bank checks with deliveries.

These measures will be effective immediately and will remain in effect until further notice.

On behalf of the entire Craft Brewers Guild team we want to thank you for your understanding and appreciate your support as we respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Craft Brewers Guild Sales Representative

Best Regards,

Michael Bernfeld

General Manager

617 410-3900