We Welcome Natick's Own Lookout Farm Hard Cider

We Welcome Natick's Own Lookout Farm Hard Cider to Our Portfolio We are proud to now be distributing Lookout Farm Hard Cider. We will be distributing their various ciders in cans and draft throughout the state of Massachusetts. More info on their history below. Established in ’51… that’s 1651. Lookout Farm is one of the oldest working farms in America and we are proud to carry on the tradition of New England family farming. Sure, we’re one of the oldest working farms in the United States, but for us, farming and crafting great beer and cider isn’t just work, it’s our way of life. Produced at the source, we are excited to share the fruits of our labor (literally!) with you. For us, “local” is a way of life, and has been for more than 360 years. Located in Natick, Massachusetts, we care for over 65,000 trees on our 180 acre orchard. In addition to growing 29 varieties of apples, we grow peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, pumpkins, grapes, strawberries and are in the process of adding 14 varieties of hops. Each individual tree is meticulously pruned by hand in order to ensure that we harvest the best crop possible and we work year-round to craft our beers and hard ciders using ingredients grown under our care. Here at Lookout Farm we are committed to preserving the land as a sustainable, viable farm and what better way to do this than to share our authentic beers and ciders with our neighbors! As apple growers, we opened Lookout Farm Hard Cider in April 2015. Not before long we were encouraged to start a farm brewery so in August 2017, Lookout Farm Brewing and Cider Co. was born. (credit https://www.lookoutfarmbrewing.com/)