RateBeer's Best Brewers in the World 2019

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RateBeer’s Best Brewers in the World in 2019

These are brands represented by us here at Craft Brewer’s Guild that were ranked as top 100 brewers in the world for the year 2019. Performance for the year 2019 was highly weighted while 4 years of being in RateBeer’s catalog was also considered in the ranking. The winners here represent a small portion of the top 1% of brewers worldwide. RateBeer worldwide community is very pleased and grateful for the artisanal contributions of these leading breweries. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Craft Brewers Guild Top Products January 2020

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Want to know how your favorite beer brands are rated among the rest? Just looking for a new beer this winter? Check out this list of the top beers that left our warehouse in January and how they hold up on Untappd.com.




Allagash White 16oz 4-packs


ABV: 5.2%          IBU: 13          Untappd Rating: 3.76/5

Von Trapp Reigns in Multiple Awards from GIBCC

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This year at the 23rd Annual Great International Beer, Cider, Mead & Sake Competition, there were nearly 800 beers, ciders, meads, sakes, hard kombuchas, and hard seltzers that were entered, with prizes awarded in 84 categories! Von Trapp Brewing impressed this year taking home 5 awards:

In the Lager - Bohemian Pilsner category, Von Trapp took 1st place for their Pilsner.

In the Lager - Helles category, Von Trapp took 3rd place for their Helles.

In the Amber & Dark Lager - Vienna category, Von Trapp too 2nd place for their Vienna Style

CBG Brands Listed in 50 Best in the 2010s by Paste Magazine

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What does it mean, in the beer world, to be called one of the best breweries “of the decade”? The 2010s have been a period of such rapid change; of such tumultuous growth and then turmoil, that the beginning of the decade hardly seems connected at all in some respects to where we are today. When the 2010s began, craft “gose” in the U.S. wasn’t a thing. Sour styles in general were still on the niche side of the equation.

A Low-Calorie Beer That Knocks Your Socks Off

12-pack of Oskar Blues One-Y

Oskar Blues offers a low-calorie beer in their portfolio.

The Best Winter Beers for 2019

A list of beer styles that compliment the winter season.

How Many Calories are in Beer?

Can of Allagash River Trip

When asked how many calories beer contains, there isn't a simple answer. Depending on the beer, you'll find as few as 85 calories or as many as 300 calories. So how can you tell the difference?

The simplest way to get a feel for how many calories you’ll find in a particular beer: how big is the pour size, and what is the beer’s ABV (alcohol by volume).